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Every client gets a tailored sod and landscape expierience from start to finish with individual property inspection such as sun, shade and levels of ground.

We provide the following types of sod:

  • Provista St. Augustine- Its dense growth pattern is one of the factors that make this grass type so weed-resistant. The density of the blades muscles out weeds before they can truly take hold.
  • Seville St. Augustine- Seville St. Augustine grass is densely packed with fine blades. This gives it a carpet-like look and feel that is plush and luxurious under bare feet. It features a light green color; this is one of the many reasons it is so popular for residential lawns.
  • Floratam St. Augustine- Floratam is a coarse grass with broad, flat blades. It is best kept at a height of 3 to 4 inches, giving it a thick, lush appearance. During the summer months, Floratam will have a deep green to bluish-green hue, though it will fade a bit during cooler weather when it goes dormant.
  • Palmetto St Augustine- Augustine grass, one of the most popular cultivars is Palmetto. Palmetto is a variety of St. Augustine grass which offers a more vibrant lush, emerald green color and a finer texture than St. Augustine grass alone.
  • Zoysia- Zoysia species are low sod-forming grasses and spread by strong branching rhizomes (underground stems) or stolons. The wiry leaves are flat or somewhat curled and have a high silica content. The minute flowers are borne in dense cylindrical inflorescences. The plants are fairly resistant to pests and diseases.
  • Bermuda- Bermuda grass usually is 10 to 40 cm (4 to 16 inches) tall and has short flat leaves. The spikelets are borne in four or five slender spikes at the tips of the upright stems. Extensively creeping stolons and rhizomes (aboveground and underground horizontal stems) enable the plant to establish a dense turf.
  • Argentine Bahia- Argentine is a broad-leaved selection of Bahia grass, best known for its V-shape blades, that were originally introduced to Florida from Argentina in 1945. It is commonly referred to as a low growing "Creeper grass." Bahia is medium green in color and is drought tolerant.

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